Princess Plume - (PURCHASE IT NOW)

Can a spirited kitten LIFT Sara back onto the bars?

Eleven-year-old Sara Massey feels neglected and depressed. After a haunting near-crippling crash from the uneven bars years earlier, Sara can’t return to her favorite sport of gymnastics without risking death or complete paralysis. Or can she? In a flicker of her desperate heart and soul, she adopts the kitten of a wild barn cat, and the feisty kitty gives Sara all she can handle, plus a jolt of confidence.

But as Sara begins her risky comeback in gymnastics and life, an imposturous Turkish sultan calling himself Orkhan Hamid arrives to claim the kitten for his own. Desperate for the kitten’s rejuvenating power, Hamid will even steal to turn his fortune around. Can broken-hearted Sara stop him and keep the cat of her dreams?

A fun and meaningful read for all novel readers.



"Donkey Sense" – (PURCHASE IT NOW)

Following the death of his father, a bullied 11-year-old boy finds a special friend and guardian angel in a feisty and magical donkey named Pedro.

Eleven-year-old Timmy Unterkanz suffers the death of his dad, and then extreme bullying in a new town. Timmy’s in serious trouble – that is, until Pedro steps in. You see, Pedro’s not your ordinary friend and bodyguard. He’s a talking donkey and he’s got a feisty attitude, similar to that of his owner, a former Texas ranch-hand named J.T. Atkins. Pedro and Mr. Atkins teach Timmy the ropes, like how to defend himself when there are no adults around. Timmy also meets Kelly, his eccentric voice of reason and confidence. Timmy’s safety and happiness will come down to one final showdown against his tormentor, the bully Eddie. Can Timmy turn his life around by proving to girlfriend Kelly – and to himself – that he’s not going to withdraw from a sometimes cruel world? That he’s going to be as feisty and stubborn as a donkey.

"Donkey Sense" is also available on Barnes and Noble nook.

"Donkey Sense 2: Saving the Farm" - (PURCHASE IT NOW)

It’s a happy time for thirteen-year-old Timmy Unterkanz, who, upon entering the eighth grade, is no longer bullied and has the friendship of fellow eight-grader Kelly Monahan, ol’ J.T. Atkins, Pedro the donkey, and all the Crabapple Farm animals including Pedro’s son, Nacho the mule. However, things take a turn for the worse when Pedro, Timmy’s most trusted confidante, dies from illness. The tragedy triggers a chain of events that brings a ruthless banker to the farm, threatening to foreclose on everything Mr. Atkins owns.

To make matters worse, Timmy notices Kelly spending time with a high school boy which makes him sick with jealously and despair. But with the help of Nacho, a newly adopted donkey named Juanita, and a little bit of magic, Timmy reunites with Kelly, and the group of friends desperately fights to save Crabapple Farm. With time running out and the banker bearing down on Mr. Atkins and his farm, a label on a lemon crate in Mr. Atkins’ kitchen triggers an idea: When life throws you lemons, make lemonade.