Dean Lombardo

Born in Norwalk, CT in 1968, and now residing in northern Virginia, Dean Lombardo is an author and avid traveler who makes it a point to explore many of the same settings where his fictional characters can be found. He has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Journalism and a natural curiosity about the universe and the many things in it. For his SF-horror novel, Vespa, he flew from Connecticut to California to tour Firestone Vineyard where the patient and helpful staff answered Lombardo's numerous questions about the wine-growing business--all for a scene in a book that, at the time, was mainly just an idea in the then-unpublished author's head.

Dean is the author of four published novels: Vespa (Active Bladder, 2007), and Space Games (Kristell Ink, 2013). His two children's novels, Princess Plume (June 2016) and Donkey Sense (November 2014), were released by Clean Reads Publishing.

When he is not writing or researching his novels, Lombardo works as a writer and editor in the information technology industry with a focus on software products. Prior to that, he served as an editor and reporter for several newspapers and magazines in New York and Connecticut.

Besides writing and traveling, Lombardo enjoys hiking and reading suspenseful novels and mainstream scientific journals such as Discover and National Geographic. He and his wife, Karen, have two children and a dog and a cat. Since the blissful arrival of parenthood, Mr. and Mrs. Lombardo have had to restrict their travel, but in another lifetime the couple explored exotic locales such as the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico; the rain forests of Central America; many of the sites, cities and towns of Italy; Bavarian Germany; Salzburg, Austria; Snake River Canyon in Idaho; and Yellowstone Park.